Crowd Funding NJ, Inc.

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The Role of Crowd Funding NJ, Inc.

We are the first authorized and registered New Jersey Crowd Funding Internet Site Operator (ISO) – commonly referred to as a Portal. We have developed a state-of-the-art Equity Crowd Funding platform that is compliant with New Jersey Crowd Funding Laws and Regulations. Through the Portal we provide a secure fully integrated market place for New Jersey Intra-State Equity Crowd Funding transactions. Registered Issuers (New Jersey companies seeking capital) provide fully compliant Disclosure Packages for Registered Investors (New Jersey residents seeking investments) to review. Investors may then make direct investments in Issuers through the Portal.

What We Do

  • CFNJ ensures compliance with New Jersey Crowd Funding Laws and Regulations.
  • CFNJ provides a secure integrated market place for New Jersey Equity Crowd Funding transactions.
  • CFNJ provides Issuer disclosure packages to prospective Investors.
  • CFNJ provides a forum for transparent communication between Issuers and Investors.
  • CFNJ provides Investors with investment documents that are distributed and signed electronically.
  • CFNJ provides Investors with instructions for transferring funds directly to Bank Escrow account.
  • CFNJ notifies Issuers, Investors and Bank when offering target has been reached.